“Making Clean Energy, One Seed At A Time”

We grow trees in land that are not suitable for agriculture. These trees can survive in dry and high salinity land. They produce non-edible vegetable oil and their roots produce nitrogen, fixing and regaining fertility of the soil. No concerns of deforestation and we do not compete for land with food products.

Plant seeds are harvested and squeezed to derive oil, making this fuel source renewable and environmentally friendly. Oil produced are certified to meet the highest standard of biomass sustainability.

Vegetable oil is used to fuel machinery for power generation. Carbon dioxide produced during power generation is absorbed by leaves of these trees and turn into oxygen. This entire cycle does not produce extra carbon dioxide into the environment and is one of the best methods of stable clean energy generation.

G-Bio Power Generation System turns vegetable oil into electricity by the use of diesel engines. With highest efficiency, power generated turns into electricity and is supplied to every household and industrial usage through grid lines.

Mr. YOJIRO KITAMURA | Managing Director, CEO of G-Bio Energy Sdn Bhd

One of the biggest environmental problems of the world is desertification. Many once fertile lands have become desert due to drought, deforestation or inappropriate agriculture. When a desert is formed, it will gradually encroach into the adjoining land, hence a desert will grow unless preventive measures are taken to stop the encroachment. The solution is to make a green belt of trees around the desert area. To optimize the land use, the trees should be ones that can survive the dry weather and the high salinity soil, while at the same time produce oil for fuel purposes. On its own the tree cannot green a desert, but it can stop its encroachment.

We believe that vegetable-oil based biofuels will be the next generation energy source. As vegetable oil power plant developers, we are committed to not only provide sustainable and responsible clean energy, but also to revitalize damaged lands. Infertile lands will become fertile, large areas of parched land will turn green and stable energy will be generated. Our projects also involve agricultural development that improves the lives of people living in the savanna areas. The by-products of vegetable oil can be utilized for agricultural activities creating additional value in the supply chain.

Essentially what we do will contribute towards ensuring food and energy security for our communities. Together our projects address the larger National Security problem in countries such as those in Africa. Our business is to provide Green Energy Solutions. As a responsible corporation, our core value is to produce fuel sources that are veritably non-polluting, verifiably efficient and validly renewable.

Yojiro Kitamura