About Us

The G-Bio Energy Group of Companies are firmly established in Japan, Africa and are headquartered in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. Our Group is committed to the creation of sustainable solutions to the ever-increasing demand for energy. We are in the Renewable Energy Business and we provide solutions through the provision of non-edible vegetable oil and second-generation feedstock. Our philosophy and approach to doing business are value driven. We strive to create, manage and distribute values fairly across all spectrum of stakeholder by rehabilitating distressed land in Africa in general and in Mozambique in particular, while producing non-edible vegetable oil.

Our strategies center around managing the overall supply chain to provide the high standard vegetable oil-based fuels. We strive to constantly meet the ever-growing demand for such plant fuels worldwide and to generate a fair return for our investors and overall stakeholders including but not limited to customers, partners, employees, the environment and communities at large. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) process is simple yet highly efficient.


Provide Responsible and Renewable Agri-Energy based Solutions to the World.


To supply high quality certified vegetable oil-based fuels to the world to meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable energy.

Core Values

 Veritably Non-polluting

Verifiably Efficient and

Validly Renewable


Providing environmentally-friendly energy solutions and to uphold our vision of “Providing Responsible and Renewable Agri-Energy based Solutions to the World”.

Rehabilitating and revitalizing distressed land in Mozambique.

Building power plants and generating electricity from renewable fuels.

Utilization of waste heat.