Electricity and Heat Generations


G-Bio Power Generation System


G-Bio Power Generation System is not only built on the concept of using responsible and sustainable feedstock sources, but also in terms of delivering robust power generation mechanisms as well. The G-Bio Power Plants use special diesel generators that can run on plant oil as a feedstock. The distinguishing factors that set G-Bio Power Generation System’s electricity generation mechanisms apart from other existing methods of renewable energy power generation are three: 1- stable electricity supply, 2- safety at operational level, and 3 – positive impacts on CO2 reduction through the tree plants.

How G-Bio Energy Power Generation System Works

G-Bio Energy Power Generation System is one of the best solution existing in the energy market to comprehensively address the environmental and power shortage problems that plague our global society. G-Bio Energy Power Generation System’s approach to responsible power generation will become the norm. There is no doubt, this system is designed to responsibly and dramatically reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on our planet, provide a stable energy supply and improve our global society’s well-being. Our system can be summarized in a three-step process we call the “3Ps”, namely Plant- Process- Produce. It is the closest process in the market to a complete “loop system”.